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Dermatology Residency
ACGME - Continued Accreditation

Dermatology Residency Program

Dr. Conrad Benedetto - 2019

Mohs Micrographic Fellowship

Welcome - Our New Resident - Starting July 2021

Dr. David Arnold

Our Dermatology program does not take any students or interns for audition rotations at this time.


Dr. Anny Xiao - 2021

Cosmetic Fellowship

Dr. Shah Shareef - 2020

Mohs Micrographic Fellowship

Dr. Sheena Nguyen  - 2018

Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship 

University of Washington - Seattle Children's Hospital

Prime West Consortium  Dermatology Residency


Our program offers a three-year accredited residency program. This program is approved for 6 total position.  

Before beginning this program individuals must successfully complete a one-year AOA or AMA approved internship program.

We accept applications through the Electronic Residency Application Services (ERAS) to electronically transmit residency applications, personal statements, recommendation letters, deans' letter, transcripts and other supporting credentials.