Dermatology Residency
ACGME - Continued Accreditation

The mission of our dermatology training program is to provide residents with comprehensive structured cognitive and clinical education that will enable them to become a competent, proficient and professional dermatologists.  Our program is committed to recruiting and retaining diverse residents and physicians.  We recognize that diversity is a multi-faceted issue, encomassing race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and disability and we feel that it is critical that our trainees reflect the diversity of the patients we serve and the US population as a whole.  

Our goal is to attract and retain diverse and culturally intelligent residents.



Island Hotel - Newport Beach - 12/14/2018

Pre 2023 EVENTS

Graduation Commencement Ceremony

Saturday 6/18/22 Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center

‚ÄčCongrats - Dr. Renee Lucero & Dr. Steven Austad